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Explain FLUX

Flux is an architectural pattern that enforces unidirectional data flow. MVC vs Flux: MVC did not scale well for Facebook’s huge codebase. The main problem for them was the bidirectional communication, where one change can loop back and have cascading … Continue reading

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Differences between PHP, Python, Javascript

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What is the difference between array_map, array_walk, array_filter, array_reduce in PHP?

array_walk() Applies the user-defined callback function to each element of the array array. Returns a boolean. May or May not Modify the original array. To modify original array callback function can accept an argument by reference. array_map() returns an array … Continue reading

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How to compare two integers using bitwise operator without using any comparative operator.

1) int x = 10; int y = 12; int z = 0; z = x ^ y; If the value of z is 0 then the two integer is equal. If the value is not zero the two integer … Continue reading

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