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SOAP vs REST SOAP: – Transport Independant (REST requires HTTP. SOAP can work on HTTP, SMTP, etc) – Built in Error Handling – Only XML – Provides good ACID Transactions. – Exposes pieces of application logic , Exposes operations – Enterprise level … Continue reading

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isset vs empty vs array_key_exists vs is_null

isset — Determine if a variable is set and is not NULL empty — Determine whether a variable is empty. it will return true if the variable is an empty string, false, array(), NULL, “0″, 0, and an unset variable. … Continue reading

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Specifying an array not beginning at element 0

$presidents = array(1 => “washington”, “adams”, “jefferson”);

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How can we submit the form without pressing Submit?

function checkSubmit(e) {    if(e && e.keyCode == 13)    {       document.forms[0].submit();    } } Then add the event to whatever scope you need eg on the div tag <div onKeyPress=”return checkSubmit(event)”/>

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Journey of an URL

What really happens when you type in a url in the browser? Explanation of HTTP Protocal: Explanation of HTTP Headers:–net-8039

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TLS (Transport Layer Security) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) are protocols that provide data encryption and authentication between applications in scenarios where that data is being sent across an insecure network, such as checking your email (How does the Secure Socket … Continue reading

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What is HTTP 404?

A Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) 404 error, also commonly known as the 404 Page Not Found error, is a response code indicating that the client was able to reach the desired server but could not find the page or file for which … Continue reading

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What is an SSL Certificate?

A secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate is a digitally signed credential, which is issued by a credentialing agency for a specific organization’s website. SSL certificates are used in Internet technology to ensure the safety of transmissions between a web browser and a … Continue reading

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(http) is a system for transmitting and receiving information across the Internet. Http serves as a request and response procedure that all agents on the Internet follow so that information can be rapidly, easily, and accurately disseminated between servers, which hold information, … Continue reading

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Security in web applications

Some common terms in web application security testing: Password Cracking:  In order to log in to the private areas of the application, one can either guess a username/ password or use some password cracker tool for the same. Lists of … Continue reading

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